Récits de vie

Naissance : , Brisbane, Australie
Decès : , Avon, France
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My husband was a very special man, but that I knew at the beginning. It was courtship and marriage in the space of six months ,and this defined the forty eight years we spent together. You don't muck about, you get on with it, when the going gets tough the tough get going. Décisions were rarely made, things just happened, like the birth of our two daughters, neither of whom were planned or expected. It was a partnership born of passion originally, but then of a very deep understanding that we were mutually complementary, that we both did well what we could do well. We grew into a relationship of respect,of caring about the bigger issues, of complicity, supporting each other against whatever life decided to throw at us. Getting and spending never interested him. Money was to be there, to allow him to indulge his passions and it was my job to look after that. He needed intellectual challenges and dragged us, his willing victims, all over the world in pursuit of them. What's more, he was an exceptionally hard worker and would never have asked anything less of anyone else. His integrity and commitment to his clients were legendary. This made him a bit of a loner. He had difficulty working with other people, but mainly because he didn't bother to end his sentences. His mind was already somewhere else. Things like putting the lid on the toothpaste or his dirty undies in the washing basket were of no importance whatsoever. In things which were important to him, he was a perfectionist. Whatever he did, he wanted to do it well, sports, guitar, computing, learning languages, putting down parquet, cooking his favourite dishes. He was generous too. In his acknowledgments at the beginning of his Masters thesis he was able, fifty years ago, to thank his wife for her financial support, something unheard of at the time in a macho Australian society. Len hated conflict and had a habit of retreating into his bubble and letting me handle it. I rarely saw him angry, or if so, he would explain it only to me. He was basically a very gentle man, and I loved him very dearly and admired him immeasurably.




Len, plutôt que de faire part de ma douleur et de ma tristesse à l'annonce de ta disparition, je préfère mettre en avant le bonheur que j'ai éprouvé à te connaitre. J'ai passé de très agréables moments à tes côtés et notre relation personnelle et professionnelle a été un vrai bonheur. J'appréciais ton expertise et ton ouverture d'esprit et au contraire de la plupart, tu ne lâchais pas face à l'adversité. Je garderai de toi le souvenir d'un homme passionné, rassurant, bourré d'humour mais digne. Je te souhaite un bon repos au royaume des cieux. Un ami, Jean-Pierre
Jean-Pierre GAUDEL, le
It wasn't an easy task, talking at the wake. Never had a heavier squash ball in hand - I'll have you know it's no easier now. "Uncle Ron" was what I called you. It's what my sisters called you. It's what my dad called you. You were exactly that - an uncle. A dad when mine was away. To say that you had a big part in the man I have become is no falsehood, and for that I thank you. You're sorely missed, Len. Your dedication, your wit,, your liveliness. You put up with me as a kid, you kept me on track as a teen, and you inspired me as an adult. Gone, but not forgotten. Rest in peace, Len - and maybe see you again someday.
Gavin Calder, le
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